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    Open Educational Resources: A study of awareness among the undergraduate students at IIT Jodhpur
    Globally, the concept of "Open Educational Resources (OER)" is gaining traction in education. Today, with the rapid advancement of technology, everything needs to be at our fingertips. Recognising the same, the authors conducted a survey to determine how aware the students are of these resources in higher education institutions. Based on the results of the survey, students in higher education institutions in India are less to moderately aware of Open Educational Resources (OER). This suggests a need for students to be made aware of these resources so that they can utilize them effectively.
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    From pathfinders to course guides: old wine in new bottle
    A Library Pathfinder is a kind of map to the resources of the library. It is an information locator for the library user who searches for recorded materials on a subject of his interest. Over a period of time, the Library has devised Subject Guides and Course Guides, etc. based on the concept of Pathfinders. Course Guide is a mechanism to manage and explore resources related to different academic courses taught in an Institute. They provide students with course details such as course title, course code, course load, credit weightage, learning objectives, contents, outcomes, and references, etc. In order to find the course contents, their related books and journals in Library, and related resources in open/public domain, IIT Jodhpur Library has attempted to develop Course Guides for its users. An open source software called " SubjectsPlus " has been used for this purpose. SubjectsPlus is a free and open source tool to manage several interrelated parts of a Library website. It allows library staff, without any prior coding knowledge, to create online course contents and resources. This tool can be used to develop different types of Library Guides, viz. Subject Guides, Course Guides, Pathfinders, A-Z database/resource lists of Library, etc. This paper will focus on the features of this tool and how IIT Jodhpur Library has used it to develop Course Guides.
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    Global Research Trends on Open Educational Resources: A Bibliometric Analysis
    Open Educational Resources (OER) has emerged in the last two decades with the swift growth of technology and its interventions in education. The Open Educational Resources (OER) have become popular among the educators. The primary objective of this study is to analyse global research trends on open educational resources. This analysis aims to understand the research landscape better, identify significant trends, and support informed decision-making. For this study, the data was derived from the Scopus scientometric database covering the period of 2013 to 2022. A total of 669 publications with 8332 citations were found during the search. Most publications published on the subjects are in social science (54%), followed by computer science (18%) and engineering (6%). Burgos, Hilton, and Wiley were the most prolific and impactful authors. It was found that for effective and impactful collaboration in two and three authors, 3.23 is the highest collaborative index, 0.90 is the collaborative degree, and 0.60 is the collaborative coefficient in 2022. The highly cited paper, “Ocean Basin Evolution and Global-Scale Plate Reorganization Events since Pangea Breakup by RD Muller, “ was published in 2016 and received 689 citations. The journal “International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning” was the most preferred source. Also, highly productive institutes with Open Educational Resources, funding agencies and countries were observed.