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    E-Book Dummy Project at IIT Jodhpur Library: A case study
    Chunni Chhatwani
    A book/resource becomes redundant unless and until it is discovered by its user. Finding each other, i.e. a reader finding his resource, and the resource finding its reader are equally important. Therefore, in order to enhance the discoverability of the resources, electronic books, in particular, advertising and promoting information about their availability in Library becomes very important. The right way of promoting electronic book collection is to identify the right place, right user, at the right time. In an Academic Library, usually, users seek to get information from two forms of resources i.e., print and electronic. When a Library acquires an electronic or online book, its information is usually sent via email to the users and by linking on the Library Website. Though these are the immediate methods of intimating the users about them, limiting their promotion to just these methods has not really helped in their usage. Some other methods include listing them in the “New Arrivals” lists or CAS service lists, Library Newsletters, etc. Despite these efforts, the not-so-encouraging usage statistics at the end of the year, do raise a brow of concern. While researching on addressing this concern, we, at IIT Jodhpur Library, came across an interesting method followed by University Library Center, Idaho State University, USA, who used wooden book dummies to promote their electronic books. We studied and discussed this idea. After a series of discussions, feasibility study, and a pilot project, we finally decided to customize the idea of E-Book Dummy to a more practical, attractive and a cost-effective method. Our paper discusses the E-Book Dummy Project at IIT Jodhpur Library, in detail, and how we are hoping to see a soar in the usage of our E-Books.